Initial site visit to “SevaniIshkhan” CJSC date: 2020-08-25

EU4Environment RECP project team (National project coordinator Ms. NuneHarutyunyan,  RECP National experts Ms. Dshkhuhi Sahakyan, communication expert Tigran Oganezov and project Administrator Armine Hayrapetyan) have visited “SevaniIshkhan” (CJSC) in August 25, 2020. “SevaniIshkhan” CJSCwas founded in 2014 within the framework of the complex “Recovery of trout stocks and fish breeding in Lake Sevan”programme. The main function of the factory is recycling, breeding, and sale of Gegharkuni and Summer trout subspecies. The factory produces a wide range of fish products starting from fresh -frozen fish to fish fillets and canned fish, which are presented under two brands in the market “SevaniIshkhan” and “Nayiryan”.
During the working visit, the project team has met with the director of the organization Mr. Tigran Vardanyan, who presented the organizations’ production ranges and volumes: the company produces around 3 million fish annually, which is then transferred to a net farm. 
Mr. T. Vardanyan has mentioned that they work more energy efficient than other companies: they use 300 liters of water instead of 3000 liters, for growing 1kgof fish. The company imports food from the Netherlands.
The company does not generate much waste as the purified sludge is dried and is applied as a fertilizer - humus. The water intake is carried out from the Karchaghbyur river.
Company management and EU4Environment expert team have discussed mutual collaboration options, after which the team was invited to visit to the fish production basins to check out the process of fish growing presented by Mr. Vardanyan.  The company has agreed to undergo through RECP audit suggested by the project team.